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The DidjaEat? Podcast

The DidjaEat? Podcast starts with the food and ends up anywhere we want it to.

Aug 31, 2014

It's the very first DidjaEat? LIVE from Philly Podcast Fest! With our guests: Felicia D'Ambrosio (from the Federal Donuts juggernaut), Gregg Gethard (Currently writing a book thru Yelp reviews) and Joe Moore (Dog Mountain sketch and pizza maven). Taped LIVE at Tattooed Mom's in downtown Philly on South Street! 


Aug 27, 2014

Nicole Yates sits down with Rachel Klein of Miss Rachel's Pantry, a Philadelphia based farm-to-table Vegan restaurant. Rachel talks about getting started as a Vegan (hint: it started early), working in food service and running a restaurant. She is delightful. 

You can check out Rachel's website at